Suzuki Guitar Program

A specialized, credentialed program for children  3-7 yrs 

  • Small group classes weekly 
  • Two private lessons monthly 
  • $145/mo includes private lessons, group classes and materials for 1 day program
  • $225/mo includes private lessons lessons, classes and materials for 2 day program

The Guitar  and the Young Child

  • When properly sized for your child, the guitar is easy to hold and play. 
  • A common repertoire with carefully selected teaching points builds expert skills right  from the start.
  • Solo guitar music is among the most beautiful in the world! 

The Suzuki Triangle: 

  • Robin teaches the student to play and parents to coach, ensuring success for the student.
  • Parents serve as loving practice coaches at home.
  • Students learn through modeling, small steps and play in class.

Creating Community

  • Suzuki small group classes foster social learning and friendship 
  • Families work together to create a joyous musical environment

2 thoughts on “Suzuki Guitar Program

  1. Hi Robin,

    I think we know you: your youngest daughter (can’t remember her name now…) took ballet with my youngest, Kate, at the Redmond School of Dance. They were only in class together for one year, and then your daughter dropped ballet (although your oldest continued to amaze me at the Redmond School of Dance performances).

    Kate has been taking guitar lessons from Matt Gwinnup at the Cascade School of Music. She started last year in a group lesson and loved it, but this year has had private lessons at 6pm on Mondays at Matt’s parents’ studio in far S-end of Bend, which from our N-end of Redmond was a 45 minute car ride. Kate began to rebel, and now we’re looking for a better time/place. Also, I really think she needs some group-time, because she loves to play with others.

    Where is your studio? Do you have some lesson times earlier in the day? Kate dances on Tues/Thur at 5pm, so that won’t work. Wed or Fri would be best!


    My email is:
    My husband’s email is:
    Our home phone is: 541-923-3291

    1. Hi Jen:

      I just sent you a quick email at your address and will follow up with a call tomorrow. Thanks so much for getting in touch with me and I look forward to our conversation!


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