Playing Through  Changes

Hollinshead  Barn Recital May 2017 Bend OR

Jazz players refer to chord progressions as ‘changes’. The art is how one navigates  them, via arrangement and improvisation, creating a unique path of music, for the musicians and audience.

Reflecting on the course of my teaching and performing over the past decade, I realise how many significant changes there have been a long the way, mirroring the process of music-making. I’ve housed my little Suzuki studio in 8 locations. Sometimes it felt like I was barely hanging on to a dream, at other times I  felt in command. Most of my students stayed with me throughout. Others studied with me for just a short season in their lives.  What has been the constant in all of it is that I have been blessed with wonderful students, have met beautiful families, had unique and transformative experiences.

This year marks tremendous growth. I’m teaching in my home studio, at Central Oregon Community College, Bend Parks and Recreation Youth Programs and at Bend Guitar Lessons. Though my Suzuki teaching is only one area of my work, I carry the heart of it with me into each classroom. When Dr Suzuki’s ideas resonate with students of all ages and they can experience progress and success I am truly gratified.

From the pre-twinkle lessons to preparing a student for competition  and college scholarship auditions, from living room concerts to recitals in formal venues  I am joyfully playing through the changes, and grateful.

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