Dr. Suzuki – Wisdom for Music Study and Life!

“To make a resolution and act accordingly is to live with hope. There may be difficulties and hardships, but not disappointment or despair if you follow the path steadily. Do not hurry. This is a fundamental rule. If you hurry and collapse or tumble down, nothing is achieved. Do not rest in your efforts; this is another fundamental rule. Without stopping, without haste, carefully taking a step at a time forward will surely get you there.”

-Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

I am in my studio in Redmond, working on my site and getting the word out about my program, and I ran across this advice from Dr. Suzuki. Indeed, the method he developed for the study of the violin springs from the idea of slow steady progress toward a goal. I witness this in my students’ development, and in my own life as I am learning (I am a late bloomer) to apply these principles to all aspects of my life. I bet if I were a farmer I would have learned this lesson a long time ago! It takes patience to wait for the crop to develop, while all the time, you weed and water.

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